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snow in Falmouth, Cornwall causing problems

The move in Falmouth, Cornwall did go ahead as planned, but we had to supply extra staff to ensure the property was vacated by completion.

For most people it is a dream to move to Falmouth, and something that people talk to their friends about when they return from Cornwall.  But for many, it can become a plan and a reality to move to Cornwall. 

The life style of Cornwall is what most people find so attractive.  You have regular beach access, surfing, paddling or walking your favourite part of the 300 miles of coastal path around the beautiful coastlines of Cornwall.  The oceanic climate means we rarely see the thermometer needle dip below freezing and the quality of the light – thanks to its peninsular position allowing the sun to reflect off the Atlantic Ocean, Celtic Sea and English Channel which surround us also proves a popular reason for a move from more landlocked darker parts of the UK.  St Ives was recently named as the UK’s favourite place to live. However, the house prices in this beautiful busy harbour town reflect that popularity – and one thing that people need to consider when moving to Cornwall – is that there is a difference between top places to visit in Cornwall and top places to actually live.

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